Every month MIVV revitalizes the market with new fittings. Among the novelties of January 2024, the gritty proposal for the Yamaha sports scooter (2022-2023) stands out, consisting of a complete system, with manifolds and silencer featuring a formidable black finish. The silencer is the well-known SR-1, available here in two versions. Obviously the Euro 5 approval was respected.

The black version of the exhaust that we present perfectly integrates with every color combination of the latest generation TMAX (remember that the first dates back to 2001), emphasizes its sportiness and at the same time allows its generous twin-cylinder to “pull out” a new sound and develop greater performances. This aftermarket solution also saves approximately 4 kgs. on the overall weight of the vehicle.

Sold in the complete version, the MIVV system follows the positioning of the original Yamaha system and is made up of stainless steel manifolds and SR-1 silencer in stainless steel or titanium completely painted in black. To achieve the desired effect and guarantee it over time, the company used a special ceramic paint that does not wrinkle (resistant up to 800°).

Each MIVV setup intended for road use follows the vehicle approval (in this case Euro 5); to make it road legal it is necessary to complete it with the installation of the brand’s catalyst. An interesting and useful heat shield cover made of carbon is also offered as an optional accessory.


The silencer that MIVV has destined for the world of sports and hypernaked bikes comes out of the ranks and is proposed on the TMAX maxiscooter, a model widely recognized as the most “dynamic”.

Built with great attention to detail, the SR-1 features a hexagonal-shaped central body made in two versions: stainless steel and titanium. The end cap is made of carbon with a Twill weave capable of withstanding high temperature stress (typical of the racing world). For the TMAX, both versions and the related manifolds are finished with a “Black Moon” effect, achieved thanks to an ad hoc painting process.

THE ADVANTAGES OF THIS COMPLETE SYSTEM: (data measured at the wheel on a roller bench):

+2.20 HP at 6,600 rpm; +2.70 Nm at 5,100 rpm. Beyond the maximum power and torque values, the resulting graph (downloadable from the MIVV website) shows a performance increase throughout the entire engine revs. The amount of torque obtainable around 3,300 rpm appears gratifying. Finally, there’s a weight saving of 3.80 kg (-4.10 kg with the titanium muffler).


NOTE: The user of this scooter who opts for the installation of the complete MIVV exhaust will be able to gain, in addition to the advantages indicated above, an additional +3 HP by loading into the control unit the dedicated map developed by Rexxer Italia



SR-1 stainless steel complete exhaust: € 870  + VAT. SR-1 titanium complete exhaust: € 1030.00 + VAT. Catalyst ACC.045.A1: € 175.00 euros + VAT. Heat Shield cover in carbon: € 50.00 + VAT