Universal silencers and pipes

Mivv silencers: the exhausts for every motorbike

Mivv silencers have been designed for a recreational use of the motorbike. We offer many designs, all of which can replace the original exhausts with a few simple and quick assembly steps. Mivv silencers provide a power increase, a weight reduction and the unmistakable Mivv sound. Silencers are offered with a choice of steel, carbon or titanium body, and where applicable with carbon end caps. A perfect mix for changing the look of your bike and drive away with passion.

To all enthusiasts who want to customize their bike Mivv offers a special range of universal silencers dedicated to meet the needs of those who want to set up a unique and inimitable bike. They are non-approved products.
The silencer kit, available in different shapes and finishes, is supplied without a connecting pipe. The fixing kit and the dbkiller can be purchased separately.

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