Mivv FAQ

In this section you will find the answers to the most common questions on Mivv exhausts.

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Commercial information


Where can I buy your products? Is it possible to buy directly at your factory?

Mivv does not sell directly to the final user. Mivv exhaust systems can be only bought through the network of dealers (click here for the list).


Is it possible to look at photos?

The photos of all systems, if available, can be looked in the sections: "product research" and news.


How long will you take to delivery your exhausts?

Under normal conditions, Mivv delivers to the dealer within 48/72 hours from the order receipt. Anyway, if the system is not in stock, the delivery may be delayed a few days.


How can I become a Mivv dealer?

To become a dealer of ours, we recommend you to get in touch with our area agents (click here for reference). Fix an appointment with them to consider a possible co-operation as well as all business conditions.



How can I clean Mivv exhaust system?

First, before cleaning the exhaust, always let it be cool to the touch. For cleaning, use a soft cloth or a sponge with lukewarm water and a non-abrasive cleaning product. For instance, car shampoo acts properly. Stainless steel and titanium surface can be cleaned regularly with a penetrating oil spray. A light buffed layer of this spray will make maintenance easy. Carbon filter can be cleaned with a soft clean cloth. Do not use a high-pressure washing plant or a steam cleaning plant to clean the exhaust surface.


When do I have to replace the packing material of Mivv exhaust?

Through long term and/or high performance use, the packing material of your exhaust can degrade over time. Your Mivv Dealer can advise you on this repacking procedure. Possible symptoms are an increasing sound level and exterior discolouring. When this occurs we recommend that the exhaust muffler be repacked immediately to avoid it degrades further. Possible discolouring of coating due to degraded packing is not included in the terms of our warranty.

Changes in the exhaust


May I fit Mivv exhaust systems on motorcycle models different than those they are provided for?

Mivv exhaust systems are specifically designed for a specific model; any compatibility is expressly indicated. Mivv advises against assembly and/or adjustment on models which are not provided for. Otherwise, the warranty and the type-approval, specifically provided for every motorcycle model, will not apply.


I already bought a muffler of yours and now I would like a whole system. Can I buy only the down pipe?

We are sorry but we do not sell down pipes separately from the muffler. So, consider carefully beforehand buying the muffler only or the whole system.


Which are the down pipe diameter and the muffler size for my motorcycle?

Diameters and sizes change from one model to the other one. We prefer not to spread this kind of information. Anyway, they are specifically designed and chosen to reach the best performance in terms of power and torque.



Are Mivv systems equipped with a removable dB-killer?

All road type-approved Mivv systems are equipped with a removable dB-killer. Some quad systems, included in the STRONGER line, are not equipped with dB-killer because its removal would cause loss to the performance.


Is the registration of changes required on the registration document in order the type-approval be effective?

No. The type-approval number only, stamped on the muffler, is required to attest the type-approval of the muffler. Furthermore, Mivv delivers with the kit a relevant certificate to produce in case of check.


I missed the type-approval certificate. How can I have a duplicate?

You simply have to get in touch with the customer service at [email protected] and specify your motorcycle model as well as the type-approval code stamped on the exhaust. The copy of the certificate will be sent immediately by e-mail.


Are Mivv exhaust systems type-approved for the emission of pollutants?

Our systems are type-approved both for sound emissions (Directive 97/24/EC, article 9) and for the emission of pollutants (Directive 97/24/EC, article 5) Systems fitted with a catalytic converter are available for most of motorcycle models which can be distinguished by the "e-kat" type-approval. For further information on available systems fitted with a catalytic converters, get in touch with our Customer Service at [email protected].

System performance


Once the exhaust has been bought, do I have to make a new mapping of the control unit or changes in the motorcycle?

Mivv systems are specifically designed to operate at their best without any change. All data we issue are obtained in this configuration, if not otherwise indicated. If an additional control unit with the mapping concerned is used or an after market filter is installed, the power delivery could be improved as well as the general performance of your motorcycle.


May I buy “after-market” control units at your company?

Mivv does not produce nor market "after-market" control units because it is specialised in the production of exhaust systems.


How much increase in power can I expect from a Mivv exhaust?

Mivv exhaust are subject to bench test before being marketed. It is essential to underline that these tests are carried out only on production motorcycles where the original system only is replaced with a Mivv one. Generally speaking, all results of bench tests take shape in an increase in torque and power where the value depends both on the motorcycle which is tested each time and on the special conditions in the lab (atmospheric pressure, humidity, air temperature, etc.). These results are published on our website in the form of graphics (dynochart) where torque and power curves of Mivv exhausts are compared with those of original exhaust (stock).


My motorcycle is equipped with a EX-UP valve. What could happen if I assemble a muffler of yours?

According to the motorcycle, in some cases the EX-UP valve must be removed. If this is the case, there is not any problem of delivery and power. In some motorcycles, where the control units sends out an alarm signal, a kit specifically designed for turning off the alarm is supplied.


My motorcycle is equipped with a lambda probe branch pipe. What will happen if I assemble a muffler of yours?

In some cases, according to the motorcycle, if the original muffler is removed also the original branch pipe, where the lambda probe is located, should be removed. If this is the case, our systems are always designed with a branch pipe where it is possible to reassemble the probe on.


I’d like to give a more aggressive and captivating sound. Which Mivv exhaust should I choose?

All Mivv exhaust are specifically designed to provide the motorcycle with a more aggressive and captivating roar, always in conformity with the limits established by the law. So, the type of model can be chosen from an aesthetic point of view.