Mivv silencers: the exhausts for every motorbike

Mivv silencers have been designed for a recreational use of the motorbike. We offer many designs, all of which can replace the original exhausts with a few simple and quick assembly steps. Mivv silencers provide a power increase, a weight reduction and the unmistakable Mivv sound. Silencers are offered with a choice of steel, carbon or titanium body, and where applicable with carbon end caps. A perfect mix for changing the look of your bike and drive away with passion.

GP PRO is the technological and stylistic evolution of the GP exhaust.

Technical craftsmanship, extreme precision on couplings and attractive sound are the main features of this compact muffler with a new essential design. 
The exhaust outlet pipe is completed, as is often seen on the track, by a removable protective grille that hides the dB-killer.

GP PRO is ideal for sports bikes, but nothing prevents you from installing it on other high-performance motorcycles like the latest super-naked bikes.
 This muffler sports the characteristic Mivv logo created by laser technology.

Mivv GP PRO Carbon exhaust

GP PRO Carbon

It’s made with a central body in carbon fibre.

Mivv GP PRO Titanium exhaust

GP PRO Titanium

It’s made with a titanium central body that allows a 45% weight reduction when compared to the steel version.

Mivv GP PRO Black  exhaust

GP PRO Black

It’s made of AISI 304 stainless steel with a black painted central body.

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