After the long Asian tour, the MotoGP circus came back to Europe for the 20th round of the calendar, the last race of the season at Ricardo Tormo circuit.

Both Taiyo Furusato and Mario Aji arrived in Valencia well motivated, the first aiming to confirm his excellent physical and mental condition, the second aiming to get a good result in his last race in the Moto3 class before moving up to Moto2.

The weekend started well and Taiyo and Mario felt immediately confident on the new asphalt. The qualifying didn’t go as expected unless Furusato got the Q2 and the 16th place on the grid.

The Valencia GP closed the season with a brilliant performance by Furusato, who got the 11th position, being the first Honda to cross the finishing line. For his part, Mario said goodbye to the category, by finishing 23rd.

The balance of the season for The Honda Team Asia and MIVV is positive as the team and riders grew up together and showed great potential, which is a big motivation for the future.


Grid P26– Race P23

What to say? A tough race again. Anyway, I did my best in my last race in Moto3. I gained six positions at the start, but at the end, everybody overtook me on the straight again. But I’m happy to finish with a consistent race. It’s the end of a time. I accept that the new challenge will not be more straightforward but may be more demanding. I’m looking forward to my chance next year in Moto2. I will arrive stronger in the new chapter of my career. Thanks to everyone for these two years


Grid P16– Race P11

I started the weekend strongly on Friday, and on Saturday, I struggled a bit, but I returned on Sunday. I finished P1, riding in 38s in the race with a good pace. I enjoyed the last race of the season; I’m happy for my team because I’ve been growing up during the season. They helped me a lot, and I appreciate all the efforts of the people around me.



It wasn’t an easy weekend for us, but our riders managed to pick up their position. Indeed, they were not in the best positions we could achieve, but they did the maximum effort they could, and we appreciate this. I also appreciate all the staff effort in 20 races and a long season, and I also want to thank our sponsors for their support. The balance of the season is positive, not the best, because we didn’t win, but I want to thank the people involved in this project. We will come back stronger the following season.



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