The seventeenth round of the season (last race of the Asian triplet) ends up in the best way.

Taiyo Furusato gets his first podium in career in the Moto3 class of the World Championship, with a brilliant second place.

This is the demonstration that hard work pays off and today, Taiyo and his team reap the benefits of what they built together and MIVV, as partner, is proud to have contributed to this first success.

For Furusato this seems to be just the beginning, showing to be fast, constant and able to manage the race with intelligence.

The Thai round also sees the participation of Tatchakorn Buasri. After attending the Germany, Austria, and Catalunya Moto3 Grand Prix as a wild card, Buasri participates in the Thailand Grand Prix as part of Thai Honda’s program to support rising stars in the World Championship. Tatchakorn fights for the whole weekend to find the feeling with the bike and Aji is in the same situation. Both riders suffer in the race and finish in backward positions.

Now, a little rest before facing the last 3 races in a row of the year.

Next stop, Malaysia in two weeks!



Grid P25– Race P26

It was another tough race for me. I started in the last group. I needed to roll down hard on sectors three and four because it was challenging to keep my position in the first two sectors. But I must be happy for the team today, for the podium achievement. I want to rest, resetting my mind before the Sepang race.


Grid P6– Race P2

I’m delighted to be on for the first time in a podium. This weekend, I felt well from the first practice on Friday. I was directly on Q2 and have been competitive there, despite the crash. My team worked hard to repair the bike, and we’ve achieved this podium together.
At the start of the season, I was fast in one lap, but I wasn’t competitive in the races. After the summer break, I made a big step: I changed my braking style, how I stopped the bike and opened the throttle. That proved to be effective.


Grid P27 – Race P28

buasri 2023

Today, everything went differently than I expected. My starting position was very late, which made it difficult to achieve a good result. On top of that, I suffered a crash and a penalty for exceeding the track limits. Despite this, even though I lost a lap, I didn’t want to retire. I wanted to finish the race to thank the public for their constant and unconditional support.



Today, we’ve lived an exciting 19-lap race, with a contrasting result between our three riders. Taiyo managed to finish second, with an option for a victory until the last moment. He showed to be fast, constant, and intense. I want to thank the team and the sponsors for their efforts; all did their best to achieve this result. Thatchakorn crashed at lap 4, continuing riding but far for the option of a good result. Mario was struggling all weekend to finish finally on P26. In the next race, I want all the riders to fight for podium positions and continue growing as a team.



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