After the hot temperatures of Jerez de la Frontera, Le Mans welcomes the MotoGP circus with cold and unstable weather conditions.
The fifth round of the 2023 season marks also the 1000th Grand Prix event in the world championship’s history dating back to 1949.
The weekend starts well for Mario and Taiyo; both riders gain direct access to Q2 showing more confidence compared to the first races.
Starting from the middle of the grid means a good opportunity to score points.
Aji has a good pace in the race but he has to pay a long lap penalty that makes him lose contact with the group. The Indonesian rider closes 21st.
Furusato is in 12th position, a few corners to the end, when he crashes by losing the opportunity to cross the finishing line.
Despite the final result both riders demonstrate their growth and MIVV and Honda will continue to work to improve their performances.
Now, a few weeks of rest before coming back on track for the Italian GP!


Grid P18– Race P21

During the weekend, I felt continuous improvements. I’m a bit angry because I’ve struggled during the race. I made a good start, but the race has been tuff. I was on the limit in every lap. I’m disappointed in myself. Now I have a few weeks to recover and forget that thinks. I’m sure I will come back stronger at Mugello.


Grid P15– Race DNF

An unexpected finish after a good race. My lap time was fast and constant, more than I expected. I started the race very well, gaining positions and being in the group fighting for points. But I made a mistake at five corners to the finish. But I should be positive. We have collected massive data that will help me in the next races. I’m sad but positive thinking about the future.



An exciting race in Le Mans where our riders offer us their best. They did a good race, with the best lap time quite fast. Mario made a mistake in the chicane, being penalized with a long lap and losing the group. It’s a pity because, until that moment, his pace was good. Taiyo fought for points in the 12th position until the last lap, but he crashed. The positive is that he’s ok, and he showed his speed. Let’s see the positive parts of this weekend starting to think in Mugello.



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