General information

Welcome to Mivv Outlet, Mivv’s official online store! Here you can find out-of-production exhausts, vintage exhausts, special parts and ECUs for your motorcycle, and also Mivv’s official merchandise.

In this page you will find general information on products, purchases, shipments, registration to the website and to all the services offered by Mivv Outlet.


Product search

Searching for a product on Mivv Outlet is easy: you can search for it in the categories listed on the “Category” menu, by selecting a subcategory.


All product prices are given in Euro (€), inclusive of VAT (Value Added Tax) specifically in force for the different product categories.

The total price resulting upon completion of the order is inclusive of transport charges and customs duties and/or additional taxes on sale. Prices may change for reasons beyond Mivv S.p.A.’s control; if that is the case, the price will be updated on the website.


Before purchasing on Mivv Outlet there is no need to register to the website. Registering on Mivv Outlet, however, brings many benefits: the website will remember your data, and you won’t need to provide the data again in the case of following purchases. You can also put an item in your cart with no obligation to purchase it immediately: on every future access to Mivv Outlet the website will remember it and you’ll be free to purchase it when you want.

Registration is free, quick and it does not entail any obligation to purchase.

How do I register?

Fill in the registration form with your personal data and address and choose a password. After entering all required data, a confirmation message will be displayed. From then on, you will be a full registered user and you’ll be able to login to the website by clicking on the link on the Mivv Outlet header.

Why do I need to register?

Registering allows the users to access the store services more easily. From the second purchase on, in fact, you only need to enter your identification data, that is User Id and password, and no other form is required.

How will the data be used?

The data you provided upon registration are stored in our electronic archives, processed safely and used either for purchasing purposes or for informing you about our activities, in accordance with the privacy regulations.

Modification or erasure of data

You can modify your data any time, by either accessing directly the reserved area or asking for data erasure at [email protected]

For any further information concerning personal data treatment, please read our Privacy Policy.

Personal area

You can access your personal area by clicking on your name on top-left corner, above the Mivv Outlet header (you’ll see something like “Hello, Your name”). In this section, you can check the status of your orders and modify your personal data.


Either registered and non-registered users can purchase products on Mivv Outlet. Mivv S.p.A. reserves the right to refuse or cancel the order in case either there are reasonable doubts about the integrity of the placed order – incomplete or inconsistent personal data, default for past due payments, doubtful credit card authenticity – or the requested products are not available. Refusals or cancellation of orders are communicated by e-mail or telephone: this communication may not be made timely but after a further request for information made by the customer.

How do I make a purchase?

Purchasing on Mivv Outlet is easy:

  1. Click on the required product to access the product sheet with all the details. If available, select the required colour and size, then click on “Buy”.
    Warning: you can purchase a maximum of 1 product for each order. To place an order with more than 1 product you must send an e-mail to [email protected] to verify the availability of the desired products and to get a quote for the shipping costs.
  2. If you have logged on to the website, Mivv Outlet will remember your data (name and address). If you have not logged on, you’ll be asked to enter your data.
  3. Check your order summary and select the method of payment: by Bank transfer or PayPal (online payment in advance). If you choose PayPal, you’ll be directed to a protected page inside PayPal’s website.
  4. Once you have completed the purchase procedure, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail containing all identification data of your order.

Only adults (18 years or over) are allowed to place an order. Mivv Outlet and MIVV S.p.A. can’t be held responsible for orders placed by under-age people without the permission of parents.

How do I remove a product from the cart?

Go to the Cart page (you can reach in clicking on the cart icon on the top-right corner above the Mivv Outlet header), then click on the X just right to the product you want to remove. That product will be removed right away from the cart.


For purchasing on Mivv Outlet you can pay:

  1. by PayPal
  2. by Bank transfer


If you choose the PayPal payment method, the transaction will go securely through the PayPal website. PayPal allows buyers to purchase without sharing their card numbers with the seller. PayPal applies automatic encryption to the reserved data sent from the user’s computer to the PayPal server and gives advanced protection systems to the buyers. For further information read “Key Payment and Service Information” On PayPal website.


Product shipping is carried out by Express courier. Thus, you are required to specify a delivery address where someone can always collect the parcel as well as the name on the door phone. Mivv S.p.A. can’t be held responsible for any inefficiency of the courier.

Shipping costs (inclusive of VAT) vary depending on the package used (that, in turn, depends on the product category) and on the destination. Look at the following table (to know what countries are included in the Foreign countries zones see the “Delivery times” section):

Product category Type of parcel Italy (except Calabria and isles) Italy: Calabria and isles Foreign countries zone 1 Foreign countries zone 2 Foreign countries zone 3 Foreign countries zone 4 Foreign countries zone 5 Foreign countries zone 6 Foreign countries zone 7 Foreign countries zone 8 Foreign countries zone 9
Exhausts Box € 12,00 € 15,00 € 22,00 € 25,00 € 30,00 € 30,00 € 50,00 € 55,00 € 60,00 € 70,00 € 80,00
Rear sets
Merchandise Envelope € 6,00 € 7,00 € 12,00 € 13,00 € 15,00 € 15,50 € 22,50 € 19,00 € 20,00 € 21,00 € 24,00
Steering counterweights
Rear brake oil tank
Rear brake oil tank support
Stand support
Engine oil filler cap

A questi costi vanno aggiunte le spese di sdoganamento, che ammontano a 12 euro, più ulteriori 10 euro di costi di trasporto per operazioni doganali, per i seguenti Paesi esteri: Switzerland, Norway, Andorra, Balkans, Faroe, Russia, Gibraltar, Iceland, Canada, USA, China, UAE, Far East, Hong Kong, India, Pakistan, Australia, Brazil, Egypt, Georgia, Israel, Iran, Iraq, Morocco, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa, including all the countries in zone 9.


Italy: delivery will be made within 24 hours (Italy except Calabria and isles) or 48 hours (Calabria and isles), running from 24 hours after order registration.

Foreign countries: delivery will be made within 2-12 days running from 24 hours after order registration. The delivery days vary depending on the shipping zone, following this table:

  • Zone 1 (Austria, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Slovenia): 2 days
  • Zone 2 (Switzerland, Great Britain, Spain): 2-3 days
  • Zone 3 (Denmark, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Sweden): 4-5 days
  • Zone 4 (Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Rep., Romania, Slovakia, Turkey, Hungary): 4-5 days
  • Zone 5 (Andorra, Balkans, Belarus, Cyprus, Estonia, Faroe, Russia, Gibraltar, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta): 5-6 days
  • Zone 6 (Canada, USA): 5 days
  • Zone 7 (China, UAE, Far East, Hong Kong, India, Pakistan): 9-10 days
  • Zone 8 (Australia, Brazil, Egypt, Georgia, Israel, Iran, Iraq, Morocco, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa): 7-8 days
  • Zone 9 (Rest of the world): 6-12 days

Any delay in delivery can be caused by either temporary product unavailability or inefficiency of courier. If the latter is the case, Mivv S.p.A. can’t be held responsible. Once 5 working days have elapsed (except Saturday and Sunday) and you have not received the goods yet, please call +39 0861 8120237 or get in touch with the customer service at [email protected]. Delivery times could be delayed due to holidays.


If a delivery is made towards a non-EU country, goods could be subject to custom duties and taxes on sale, if required. Any extra charge concerning customs clearance procedures shall be charged exclusively to the recipient of the delivery. If goods are not accepted by the customer or are not delivered for any other reason (e.g. wrong recipient’s address and/or telephone number, the recipient is repeatedly absent, etc.), an amount is withheld for the following expenses: “goods delivery” + “goods return” + “customs duties for return” are charged to the recipient. The price of goods will be refunded.
Customs duties and taxes may differ from country to country and are charged when goods reach their destination. For further information concerning the amount of customs duties and taxes, and clearance procedures, please contact the Customs Offices in the Country of destination.


According to the Italian Law (art. 5 of Legislative Decree No.185 of 22 May 1999) the consumer who acts for purposes other than his commercial activity – except for retailers and firms – can exercise the right of withdrawal and return to the vendor – in the cases as provided for by the law – a product and obtain the corresponding refund.

The customer, who, for whatever reason, is not satisfied with his purchase, shall exercise the right of withdrawal from the contract, without incurring in any penalty.

How can the right of withdrawal be exercised?

The right of withdrawal can be exercised by sending, within 15 working days, a recorded delivery letter with advice of delivery, to the following address: Mivv S.p.A. – Zona industriale – 64027 Sant’Omero (TE) – Italy. Such notice can be sent also by e-mail ([email protected]) or by fax to the number +39 0861 8120240.

The goods must be returned within 15 working days with the Returning form properly filled in to the following address:

Mivv S.p.A.
Zona Industriale – 64027 Sant’Omero (TE)

The return of goods is charged to the customer.

In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, the purchased Products shall be returned unused in good state of preservation, and complete with the original package and labels still attached. The returned goods must be also properly packed in order to protect the original cover from any damage, writing or labelling. Transport risks for returning the goods are totally charged to the customer.

Products which have been washed and damaged by detergents/additives, or for customer’s carelessness (e.g.: too warm ironing, wrong patch application on jerseys, etc.) shall not be replaced and the price shall not be refunded.

For technical reasons, the colour of the products shown on the Website can slightly differ from the original colour: this difference in colour shall not give a right to product replacement or refund.


The refund of the amount paid shall be made in about 30 days, while the replacement of the product shall be made in about 10 days, upon control of the state of the preservation.

A delay could be caused for delayed deliveries to Mivv S.p.A. by mail: if the above time has been elapsed, call the number +39 0861 8120237 or send a fax to +39 0861 8120240, or an e-mail to [email protected]

The refund shall not include transport costs, related to both the initial delivery of the goods and the subsequent return, and customs duties and taxes.


Max time limits to forward requests or make complaints are the following:

  • 15 DAYS for complaints related to faulty and missing goods or products not conforming to the order.
  • 3 MONTHS for requests concerning shipments or deliveries (e.g.: not received parcels, stoppage dues, delivery issues, etc.)
  • 6 MONTHS for requests concerning payment or refunds.


Trademarks, logos, and other characteristic marks of any kind used in the Website belong to their respective owners and their use is prohibited, including their reproduction on other Websites by unauthorised third parties.

All the website contents (texts, graphics, animation and images) are protected by copyright.


Purchases on Mivv Outlet are governed by the law of the Republic of Italy which is also the applicable law. Any dispute which may arise from the marketing of the products of the Website shall be referred to the jurisdiction of the Court of Teramo.


A customer service is at your disposal for any further information concerning products, orders, shipment, personal data and general services.
You can contact the customer service in the following ways:

  1. by e-mail: [email protected], for further information concerning products, order, shipments, sale conditions, information about website registration and operation, advice and suggestions etc. For any request related to the placed orders, the order identification number is required.
  2. by telephone: +39 0861 8120237
  3. by fax: +39 0861 8120240

For further information concerning refunds or transactions by credit card, send a fax to +39 0861 8120240