MIVV puts itself to the test with the latest addition to the Milwaukee house: the extremely robust and powerful PAN AMERICA 1250 ’21 -’22, a motorcycle designed to tackle the most adventurous journeys on two wheels. Different from any other model of the brand, it is powered by a brand new Revolution MAX engine, different from the V-Rod one, modern, bright, liquid-cooled and structural part of the frame. MIVV proposes an alternative solution for the exhaust system, capable – as the world of the Italian aftermarket teaches – to add personality and increase performance.

The proposed alternative is called SPEED EDGE. We are talking about an exhaust that has been on the market for some years, therefore super tested, capable of finding the correct combination with different engines and types of motorcycles.

For this Adventure bike MIVV has developed it in a slip on configuration, with mounting in the standard position and with the option of choosing between two versions: body in Titanium and body in stainless steel with Black finish. A very neat carbon heat shield is also supplied with both silencers.

The MIVV proposal follows the guidelines of the Euro 5 homologation.


The strong point is revealed in the aesthetics: its hexagonal design allows it to perfectly match the frame of the bike. Added to this are weight savings and improved engine performance. The body of the silencer is available in black stainless steel (with a special Black Moon finish) and in Titanium. Both versions have the end cap and the anchoring bracket in carbon. The exhaust is equipped with a removable dB-killer.


Dyno measurements made by MIVV (complete graphs are available on the company’s official website) show an increase in maximum power of + 2.10 hp at 9,200 rpm. The maximum torque rises by + 1.10 Nm at 8,000 rpm. The weight, compared to the stock silencer, is – 1.40 kg (-1.60 kg for the SPEED EDGE version in Titanium).


For this bike MIVV also produces a de-cat pipe in two versions. Obviously, the assembly of this component invalidates the homologation and consequently the use on the road.


€ 988.00 for the Titanium version; € 951.00 for the Black stainless steel version

Availability from October 2022