For the super naked KTM, MIVV  launches 4 Slip-On proposals to be chosen according to the mufflers and the materials involved. The solutions with the new X-M5 are interesting, as it’s available in single and double configuration. MIVV’s aftermarket offer for the 2021 Super Duke guarantees an increase in performance while maintaining full compatibility with the Euro 5 regulation.

The lovers of the most muscular naked sports bikes certainly find in the new Super Duke R a valid companion on the road and also on the track. Their owners look carefully at all the solutions capable of making it more aggressive, from an aesthetic and performance point of view.

The 4 MIVV solutions for this KTM certainly go towards this direction as they offer a really easy type of set-up: the Slip-On. This term indicates the possibility of replacing the stock muffler with an aftermarket model specifically designed according to the engine (in our case the 1,301 cc LC8 twin cylinder),  by simply inserting it directly on the original manifold of the motorcycle.The DELTA RACE mufflers in Carbon and Stainless steel version and the new X-M5 model in Titanium stand out above the latter. The X-M5 is available in single or in double configuration with underseat exiting .Here are the technical details.

DELTA RACE in Carbon and Stainless Steel

This silencer has a central body in carbon with a glossy finish or alternatively in brushed stainless steel to obtain a “pearled” effect. Top look and technology are its best weapons. We remember the exclusive shape that goes from conical to hexagonal and some important details such as the 3k twill carbon end cap, double riveted perimeter bracket, solid machined inlet bushing. Mounted on the Super Duke R, the DELTA RACE allows to obtain +2.2 HP of maximum power at 10,000 rpm; +1.20 Nm of maximum torque at 8,400 rpm and a weight saving of 1.70 kg. Beyond the increase in the maximum values, the graph with the delivery curve, obtained at the bench (available on the MIVV website), highlights a further «flicker» of torque / power even between 6,000 and 6,500 rpm.

X-M5 in Titanium

The latest addition to the MIVV exhaust range, this model raises the bar for performance and significant weight savings. The X-M5 has a streamlined central body, with a conical shape, made of slow grade 1 titanium. The aesthetic finish with a “pearled” effect is the result of a special manufacturing process. The silencer is equipped with a 3K twill carbon end cap closed by a removable protective grille that hides the dB-killer. The advantages: +2.90 hp of maximum power at 9,900 rpm, + 1.70 Nm of maximum torque at 8,200 rpm and -1.70 kg weight saving. Along the delivery curve, the highest values are accompanied by a much higher performance from 5,500 to 7,500 rpm. The solution that involves two X-M5 with underseat exit sees a bit of maximum torque and power decrease (+1.30 hp at 10,000 rpm, +0.80 Nm at 8,500 rpm.) in the face of  strongly “impacting” aesthetic and in any case a lower weight, considering the double exhaust, if compared to the single standard silencer


Carbon Delta Race : € 719,00 

Stainless Steel Delta Race : € 578,00 

Titanium single X-M5  : € 463,00

Titanium double X-M5:  € 1.207,00 

To improve performance, MIVV recommends remapping the ECU. The map configuration will be available soon

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