The arrival of this bike has given further polish to the mid-displacement enduro segment.

Dressed by Aprilia to recall the years in which its Tuareg raced on African tracks, it is proposed here with an aftermarket component focusing on the above-mentioned direction: the DAKAR exhaust

Actually MIVV’s proposal for the TUAREG 660 is wider, also including the SPEED EDGE silencer and additional optional accessories.

Returning to the bike, we recall its true enduro chassis and the twin-cylinder derived from the 660 cc mounted on RS and TUONO, an engine with which MIVV has already learned to communicate …


Both exhausts are compatible with original side cases and adopt the slip-on assembly (they are inserted directly on the stock manifold on the bike). Both have also been developed to improve the sound, performance and look of your bike through an aesthetic that brings design to the fore. High quality audio files, available on the MIVV website, allow you to evaluate the „tone“ offered by the two exhausts mounted on the Aprilia.



The project, born from the manufacturer’s experience in rally racing, aims to offer an essential and robust exhaust. DAKAR is made of 304 natural stainless steel with the addition of a special „pearled“ finish that makes it „highly resistant.“ Two versions are available for this bike: natural stainless steel and black stainless steel. The dyno data measured at the wheel show that the MIVV proposal has a +1.10 hp at 9,400 rpm and a +0.50 Nm at 6,400 rpm on the maximum power and torque. Excellent performance on weight, which saves 2.30 Kg



Already “tested” on off-road motorbikes, it is known for its practical hexagonal shape, which allows the exhaust to be as close as possible to the motorcycle frame. Two versions are made available to Tuareg 660 owners: with titanium body and black 304 stainless steel body with „Black Moon“ effect (finish obtained thanks to a special ceramic-based painting process). Both feature a carbon end cap and anchor bracket that add a touch of aggressiveness to this silencer. The advantages found on the bench show an increase in torque and maximum power equal to + 1.00 HP at 9,500 rpm, +0.80 Nm at 6,500 rpm The weight saving compared to the standard exhaust configuration is just under 2 kgs.


Optional parts : De-cat pipe (makes you lose the road homologation of the exhaust. Only suitable for those who use the bike in a professional environment); Carbon heat shield.



DAKAR exhaust: Stainless steel € 530.00; Black Stainless Steel € 561.00

SPEED EDGE exhaust: Titanium € 714.00;  Black Stainless Steel € 684.00.

De-cat pipe: € 591.00. Heat Shield: € 61.00.