Marquez wins the race in MotoGP but Quartararo is the winner of the Championship. The British Lowes is first in the Moto2 race and it’s a good race even for the Japan rider of the Honda team Asia: Ogura is 9th on the finish line. In Moto3, the italian Foggia is first again and his distance from the lead is reducing. Improvement for Andi Farid Izdihar; the Indonesian rider of the Honda Team Asia, powered by MIVV, rode a brilliant race, showing a consistent pace that kept him in the points. Yuki Kunii fell with three laps to go.

Yuki Kunii #92 -DNF

“Today, we have found a different day comparing the rest of the weekend with a full dry asphalt. At the start of the race, I was with the group, but I hadn’t a good feeling on the front. Despite that, I continued pushing, but at three laps to go, I lost the front on turn 8. I struggled with this change from wet to dry; I hadn’t confidence. I need to manage better that situation for the future.”


Andi Farid Izdihar #19-15

“This weekend in Misano, until the warmup, we’ve been using the wet tire. On the race, we went directly to use the slick tire. We needed time to adapt, but finally, everything was positive for me. We’ve been there, and I scored a new point. To go directly to Q2 was a good help because it allowed me to start more in front. In the beginning, I pushed so hard, riding on the point position. At five laps to go, I started to have problems with the rear tire grip, but I scored one point, and I’m so happy for that.”


 Hiroshi Aoyama – Team Manager

“The weather has been changing from wet to dry, that means we’ve had an unknown race. But our three riders put all their effort into the bike. The race was quite tied, with a lot of battle. Andi finishes 15th; we’re delighted that he scores points again. Yuki was struggling a lot during the race. He couldn’t do the line how he wanted. Mario put all his effort, that is his first experience on the World Championship, I’m sure he gets a good experience that will help him in the future.”




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