Racy personalization is the new rule in Mivv.

The big step forward that Mivv recently took by designing and producing a bespoke exhaust system continues and honours the coolest maxienduro of all time: the BMW R1200GS. For both its first version and the current one, a unique offer, available exclusively for its owners, is in the pipeline.

The name says it all. Mivv has called the innovative exhaust GS Titanium Edition.

Basically, it is a special edition of the Speed Edge, to date only manufactured in stainless steel. Now, the titanium body takes it up a notch, adding a strong distinctive element to the soul of this motorbike.
The styling of this splendid exhaust perfectly complements the lines of the 1200GS, and the specifically designed and laser engraved logo enhances the aesthetic appeal.
And that’s not all: for the 2013 – 2015 version of the BMW, Gs Titanium adds a carbon heat-shield which further reinforces exclusivity and aesthetic value.

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